Retirement Calculators

Tools for Investment and Retirement Strategies. Questions you have about your IPERS benefits are likely to include “How much will my benefit be?” and “When can I retire?” Log in to My Account to generate benefit estimates using information you provide, such as your estimated retirement date.

Although IPERS representatives are not financial planners, we recognize the importance of planning for a secure retirement early in your career. IPERS is designed to work with your Social Security benefits and personal savings. So, we have provided you with more than two dozen calculators for estimating other retirement income, personal savings, Social Security, and other important financial resources. Access calculators from the left-hand menu.

Tips for Using the Calculators

  • Begin With Accurate Information. The calculators require you to provide some information. Your results will only be as good as the information you put in.
  • Be Conservative. It’s easy to overestimate future wages, salaries, and investment returns, so we recommend that you be conservative in your estimates.
  • Remember What the Calculators Don’t Show. Don’t forget that inflation will reduce the value of your personal savings. Most calculators do not apply taxes, and none project fluctuations in investment earnings. Plus, state or federal laws may specify limitations not reflected in these calculations.
  • Clear Results of Calculations. Anytime you wish to clear the values in a calculator, simply close the calculator’s browser window, then reopen it.
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