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IPERS To Reissue 1099-R Forms

The 1099-R document you received from IPERS in January does not include some minor updates issued by the IRS for the 2020 tax year. Notably, boxes on the original form do not correctly correlate with the current IRS tax form. For your convenience, enclosed is a corrected 1099-R.

The information included within the original 1099-R was correct. If you have already successfully filed your taxes using the original 1099-R, you can ignore the corrected 1099-R.

Below is an explanation of the differences between the original 1099-R from IPERS and the enclosed 1099-R.

Information RequestedBox Number on the Enclosed 1099-R FormCorresponding Box Number on Your Original From IPERS
State Income Tax Withheld1412
State/Payer's State No1513
State Distribution1614
Local Tax Withheld1715
Name of Locality1816
Local Distribution1917

If you have further questions, please contact IPERS or your tax preparer. A letter was included with your updated 1099-R. If you have an appointment with a tax preparer, we encourage you to share that letter with him/her.

IPERS sincerely apologizes for any inconvenience this issue may cause. 

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