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About Us

Donna M. MuellerDonna M. Mueller, IPERS CEO

Hello! I'm often asked to describe IPERS and explain how we make a difference to the citizens of Iowa.

IPERS was founded in 1953 by the Iowa Legislature, and today it does two very important things:

  • IPERS is a core retirement plan that allows public employees to retire knowing that their benefits are secure.
  • IPERS is also a benefit that helps employers recruit and keep quality employees in  public service.

I’m proud to be a part of the IPERS community. We deliver services in an economical and efficient way, and we have grown the IPERS Trust Fund to $28 billion in assets. Here are some additional facts about IPERS:

  • One in 10 Iowans is an IPERS member.
  • The average annual pension amount is $16,000.
  • On average, IPERS retirees begin taking pension payments at age 61 after 22 years of service.

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