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About Us

Donna M. MuellerDonna M. Mueller, IPERS CEO

IPERS was founded in 1953 by the Iowa Legislature for one very important reason: To provide a core retirement plan that attracts and retains a quality workforce needed to fulfill critical government responsibilities.

These public employees teach our children, maintain our roads and parks, care for our most vulnerable citizens, and protect Iowans across our state.

I’m proud to be a part of the IPERS community. We deliver services in an economical and efficient way, and we have grown the IPERS Trust Fund to $32+ billion in assets. We paid $2.1 billion in benefits last year, to be spent on Main Street and help Iowa communities stay vibrant. Here are some other facts about IPERS:

  • One in 10 Iowans is an IPERS member.
  • The average annual pension amount is $17,000.
  • On average, IPERS retirees begin taking pension payments at age 61 after 23 years of service.
  • More than 150 IPERS members are over the age of 100.

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