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Meeting Agendas and Minutes

The Investment Board meets quarterly with IPERS administrative and investment staff, consultants, fund managers, and other parties to report on and assess the health of the investment portfolio.

Discussions cover many topics, including:

  • Current market trends and recommended new investment strategies.
  • Actuarial valuations (pension fund assets and liabilities, including the sufficiency of contribution rates to fund future benefits).
  • Legislation affecting IPERS.
  • Procurement of services from consultants and fund managers.

March 27

CY2019 Investment Performance Review

June 18

Private Markets Portfolio Reviews

September 16-17

Educational Session, FY2020 Investment Performance Review, Asset Allocation, Investment Policy & Goal Statement

December 3

Actuarial Valuation, Joint Meeting with BAC

Date Agendas and Minutes
December 3, 2020
September 16, 2020
June 18, 2020 PDF iconAgendaPDF iconMeeting Materials
March 27, 2020 PDF iconAgendaPDF iconMeeting MaterialsPDF iconMinutes
January 13, 2020 PDF iconAgendaPDF iconMinutes
December 6, 2019 PDF iconAgendaPDF iconMinutes
September 19, 2019 PDF iconAgendaPDF iconMinutes
September 18, 2019 PDF iconAgendaPDF iconMinutes
June 20, 2019 PDF iconAgendaPDF iconMinutes
March 22, 2019 PDF iconAgendaPDF iconMinutes


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