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Sudan Investment Restrictions

Code of Iowa Chapter 12F prohibits IPERS from investing in certain companies doing business in the Sudan. IPERS fully complies with this law, which became effective July 1, 2007.

IPERS uses the research services of ISS-Ethix to develop and periodically update a list of prohibited companies for our investments. IPERS contacts companies categorized on the chart as "scrutinized" and asks them to explain their business operations in the Sudan. Each company has 90 days to respond. Some companies that are considered scrutinized may not yet appear on IPERS’ list of prohibited companies if they are within the 90-day response period.

If a company does not respond or does not take corrective action, IPERS will not make any new investments in the company. IPERS also will divest of any securities issued by companies on the list that IPERS holds directly (direct holdings) within 18 months. If IPERS owns an interest in a mutual fund that holds securities (an indirect holding) of a company on the prohibited list, the IPERS Investment Board will decide if divestment is warranted.

Sudan Prohibited Companies List

IPERS maintains a list that contains estimates of holdings in prohibited companies.

Sudan Holdings List

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