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Pending Rule Making Actions

2021 Rulemaking Actions 

Notice of Intended Action (NOIA) ARC 5359C 

IPERS is making changes to the following chapters of Iowa Public Employees' Retirement System [495], Iowa Administrative Code, under the authority of Iowa Code sections 97B.4 and 97B.15.

  • Chapter 4, Employers 
  • Chapter 5, Employees 
  • Chapter 11, Application For, Modification Of, And Termination Of Benefits
  • Chapter 12, Calculation of Monthly Retirement Benefits
  • Chapter 13, Disability for Regular and Special Service Members
  • Chapter 14, Death Benefits and Beneficiaries 
  • Chapter 17, Public Records and Fair Information Practices
  • Chapter 19, Declaratory Orders

IPERS proposes to:

  • Conform rules with other rules and statutes or rescind rules that are outdated, redundant or inconsistent, or no longer in effect to meet the requirements of the statutory five-year review of rules for Chapters 16 to 20.
  • Implement contribution rates for employers, regular, and special service members beginning July 1, 2021 to reflect FY 2022 rates. 
  • Clarify and define “citizen coach” for employers.  Also, clarify and update employer’s electronic reporting requirements for terminated employees under Chapter 4, “Employers”. 
  • Require vendors with access to personally identifiable information (PII) sign IPERS’ data-sharing agreement under Chapter 5, “Employees”.
  • Update language in Chapter 11, “Application For, Modification Of, and Termination of Benefits” to streamline the retirement application process by eliminating redundant practices.  Also, remove outdated language regarding birth and death records to better reflect modern practices.
  • Increase the benefit reduction percentage to collect overpayments more quickly and efficiently for bona fide retirement violations under Chapter 12, “Calculation of Monthly Retirement Benefits”.
  • Amend disability benefits language to bring Chapter 13, “Disability for Regular and Special Services Members” into compliance with the Iowa Code.
  • Disallow funeral homes as beneficiaries under Chapter 14, “Death Benefits and Beneficiaries”.
  • Update language in Chapter 17, “Public Records and Fair Information Practices”, to reflect current practice regarding open records requests, estimates of search fees, and advance payments when necessary; to provide for user names to be added as a category of confidential record ensuring they may be withheld from public inspection. Also, revise language to acknowledge and reflect changes in file storage technology.
  • Strike and replace language in Chapter 19, “Declaratory Orders” to be consistent with actual practice regarding document receipt dates. 
  • Align the "required beginning date" for retirement benefits specified under IRS regulations with the provisions of the SECURE Act.

Date Notice filed: 12/09/2020
Notice Publication Date in the Iowa Administrative Bulletin (IAB): 12/30/2020 (The rules may also be viewed on the Iowa Administrative Rules website)
Administrative Rules Review Committee Hearing: 01/08/2021

Public Hearing Date: Friday, January 29 at 9:00 a.m.
Deadline for Public Comments: January 29 at 4:30 p.m. 
Public Hearing Held Via Zoom Conference Call – to participate:
Dial: 312-626-6799
Meeting ID number: 899 3701 7925
Pass code: 9614219527

First Effective Date:  03/31/2021 

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