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Pending Rule Making Actions

2020 Rule Making Actions

Notice of Intended Action (NOIA) ARC# 4925C

IPERS is making changes to the following chapters of Iowa Public Employees' Retirement System [495], Iowa Administrative Code, under the authority of Iowa Code sections 97B.4 and 97B.15.

  • Chapter 4, Employers
  • Chapter 11, Application for, Modification of, and Termination of Benefits
  • Chapter 12, Calculation of Monthly Retirement Benefits
  • Chapter 13, Disability for Regular and Special Service Members
  • Chapter 14, Death Benefits and Beneficiaries
  • Chapter 20, Recognition of Agents.

IPERS proposes:

  • to conform rules with other rules and statutes or rescind rules that are outdated, redundant or inconsistent, or no longer in effect to meet the requirements of the statutory five-year review of rules for Chapters 11 to 15;
  • to implement contribution rates for employers and regular and special service members beginning July 1, 2020;
  • to reflect an IRS requirement verifying citizenship status;
  • to add further clarity as to when a member’s first month of entitlement begins;
  • to indicate that subrule 12.1(6) (renumbered as 12.1(4) herein) applies only to regular class members;
  • to change the yearly multiplier to a quarterly multiplier as is current IPERS practice;
  • to remove outdated language regarding average covered wages and clarify the way in which a computed year of wages is calculated;
  • to strike obsolete language and add necessary language regarding vesting by service;
  • to clarify that annual certifications of disability benefits are not necessary after a member meets IPERS normal retirement age;
  • to provide for the trial work period as allowed by federal disability benefits;
  • to acknowledge and reflect the reality that multiple medical appointments may not be able to be scheduled consecutively the same day and written notice will be the primary communication of appointment notification;
  • to amend language to reflect current practice regarding precertification of medical eligibility for disability;
  • to further delineate the continued requirements for qualification for special service disability benefits;
  • to emphasize that IPERS designation of beneficiary forms may be filed online through the IPERS website;
  • to preserve and clearly state that the member receives the higher of two preretirement death benefit calculations.
  • to clarify that when there is no proper or valid beneficiary to whom a death benefit is to be paid, beneficiaries will be paid via the intestacy law of the State of Iowa;
  • and to address the proper role of social security representative payees.

Date filed: January 21, 2020
Notice Publication Date in the Iowa Administrative Bulletin (IAB): February 12, 2020
(After publication, the rules may also be viewed on the Iowa Administrative Rules website)
Administrative Rules Review Committee Hearing: TBD
Deadline for Public Comments: March 6, 2020 at 4:30 p.m.
Public Hearing Date: March 5, 2020 at 9:00 a.m.
Public Hearing Location: IPERS Board Room
First Effective Date: May 13, 2020

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