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April 17, 2019 QDRO Rule Change

Q:  What are the changes effective April 17, 2019?
If the alternate payee’s application is not returned, the alternate payee’s funds will be held by IPERS until the application is received. Alternate payee funds will not revert to the member if an application is not received from the alternate payee. Also, IPERS will hold the alternate payee’s funds beginning as of the member’s first month of entitlement.

Q: What happens after this date if I am currently receiving a reversion of funds?
Nothing – the reversion will continue until the alternate payee applies for a distribution.

Q: What if I’m waiting on an Alternate Payee application to be returned right now and it’s received by IPERS after April 17, 2019?
Any alternate payee application received on or after April 17, 2019 is subject to the new rule.

Q:  Does this new rule apply to a refund?
Yes – it applies to applications for refunds and monthly benefits.

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