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Board Positions

IPERS Investment Board
Iowa law creates the IPERS Investment Board that establishes policies and hires professional service contractors for IPERS’ investment and actuarial programs. The Board holds quarterly public meetings to review actuarial findings and investment performance, and adopt actuarial assumptions and investment policies.

The Board has eleven members: seven voting members and four nonvoting members. The following voting members serve six-year terms:

  • Three public members appointed by the governor and confirmed by the Senate
  • Three IPERS members appointed by the governor and confirmed by the Senate

The State Treasurer is an ex officio voting member. The nonvoting members include two state representatives and two state senators.

Learn more about the IPERS Investment Board here and here.

Current Board Openings:
Applicants must be an active IPERS member who is an employee of a school district, area education agency or merged area.

Submit an application here, and send a copy to

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