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Information for Employers

The public health emergency presents a unique situation for IPERS employers. The guidance below answers some common employer questions. If you have questions, contact us at 877-473-7799 or use the contact form.

Retired School Personnels' Participation in Postponed Commencement Ceremonies
On May 26, Governor Reynolds issued a proclamation that allows retired school personnel to participate in rescheduled commencement ceremonies as an unpaid volunteer without violating the provisions of a bona fide retirement and without risk to the former school employee’s retirement benefits. Read section 18 of the full proclamation here

COVID-19 Related Employer FAQs

Employer Bulletin 2020-1: COVID-19: IPERS service changes effective March 16

Employer Bulletin 2020-2: Guidance for Schools

Employer Bulletin 2020-3: Guidance for Public Employers

Employer Bulletin 2020-5: Family First Coronavirus Response Act

Employer Bulletin 2020-6: Governor Signs Proclamation 

Employer Bulletin 2020-7: 2020 School Retiree Guidance

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