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Information for Members

We maintain our commitment to providing services to our members during this public health emregency.  The information below  explains modifications to IPERS member services and waivers to some policies and procedures. If you have questions, call us at 800-622-3849 or use our contact form

Retired School Personnels' Participation in Postponed Commencement Ceremonies
On May 26, Governor Reynolds issued a proclamation that allows retired school personnel to participate in rescheduled commencement ceremonies as an unpaid volunteer without violating the provisions of a bona fide retirement and without risk to the former school employee’s retirement benefits. Read section 18 of the full proclamation here

IPERS Trust Fund Stability
IPERS understands that our members may be concerned about recent investment market challenges and how those may impact our ability to pay promised retirement benefits now and in the future. We want to reassure you that IPERS has a diversified investment portfolio that is managed with a long-term outlook. IPERS’ Trust Fund is strong and secure, and IPERS has the liquid assets necessary to pay monthly benefits for years to come. 

Application for Refund

Canceling Your Retirement Application

Changes to Notarization Requirements

Governor signs proclamation making it easier for some IPERS retirees to return to work

In-Person Retirement Counseling

Member Communication

Retirement Education Classes 

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