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In-Person Retirement Counseling

Until further notice, IPERS will offer only phone or online counseling. IPERS will no longer offer in-person counseling.

Existing counseling appointments
If you have an existing appointment for in-person counseling, either at the IPERS’ offices in Des Moines or at another location in the state, the date and time of your appointment is unchanged. However, instead of meeting in person, an IPERS retirement counselor will call you to conduct the counseling over the phone. If you would rather receive the counseling online, please call IPERS and notify us.

New counseling appointments
IPERS encourages you to receive counseling if you are nearing retirement or if you are completing a retirement application or an application for service purchase. Only counseling by phone or online is available to members making a new appointment.  When making an appointment, provide us with information to prepare an estimate that we will thoroughly review with you during the session.

Walk-In Counseling
Until further notice, the IPERS building is closed to visitors. We strongly encourage you to mail applications to us, however, any members who wish to deliver an application to our office can use the drop-box located at the front entrance. 

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