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As an IPERS-contributing employer, you are integral to the success of the IPERS plan. Your wage reporting and outreach to employees about their IPERS membership is instrumental in:

  • Keeping employees informed at key milestones in their careers.
  • Helping employees see the value of IPERS benefits, which helps you attract and retain a qualified workforce.
  • Ensuring the accuracy of your employees’ IPERS records so they receive the benefits they deserve at retirement. 

Many IPERS-covered employers implemented the GASB Statement No. 68 pension reporting requirements. If your organization reports using GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles), visit this section often to keep up to date.

Updates on GASB Statements

Bond ratings and how pensions affect them are also under the spotlight. Find out about pensions' role in bond ratings in the following webinar on IPERS' YouTube page.

Understanding Pensions' Role in Bond Rating: Fall 2014

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