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Use this form to notify us that you are closing an account or merging an account with another IPERS account.

EMPLOYERS: Provide this form to public employees and elected officials who are eligible to elect out of IPERS coverage. Not all public employees have this option.

MEMBERS: For some public employees who can opt out of IPERS within the first 60 days of employment.

Submit this form if you are unable to file reports electronically. Processing fees may be waived in extenuating circumstances.

Use this form to change your designated reporting official, and to add or update contact information for your employer.

File this form to establish an IPERS employer account if you are not currently an IPERS-covered employer. We use the information on this form to determine eligibility.

Use this form to make changes to the demographic and employment information for your employees, including termination and last paid dates. You also can change this information through monthly wage reports or by entering the changes online using I-Que.

Send monthly wage details to us on this form only when you report on paper. You must submit an Employer Wage Reporting Summary at the same time. (Most employers do not need either form because they use I-Que to report electronically.)

Complete this form to ask us to extend the deadline for a monthly wage report or contribution payment. You can avoid late fees if you receive an extension before the deadline.

Use this form to ask us to waive fees or interest charged to your employer account, such as fees assessed for late wage reports or contributions.

Use this form to certify that your organization's Section 125 plan (cafeteria plan) meets the requirements in Internal Revenue Code Section 125. Forms are due to IPERS by December 31.

Submit this form if you do not have wages to report for one or more full calendar months and you want to change the reporting deadline to a future date. We do not assess late charges if we receive the form before the reporting deadline. You may file a wage report indicating zero covered wages instead of using this form.

Use this form to request corrections to wages that were unreported or erroneously reported during a previous quarter. If you have a PC with Windows and Excel 2003, you may also use the Wage Adjustment Import Spreadsheet to create and save a spreadsheet to your computer. You may then export the spreadsheet to IPERS through I-Que.

Use this form to determine whether you should designate an individual as an independent contractor or a regular employee for IPERS' purposes.

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