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Recent News

On January 1, 2016, purchasing IPERS service will become part of the retirement process. For more information on this important change, see our Service Purchase FAQ and the presentation, Purchasing Service: Is It Right for You?
05/28/15 | IPERS has released Employer Bulletin 2015-1, on termination dates for contracted teachers.  
05/27/15 | Read up on employer reporting tips in the summer issue of The Latest Word, the newsletter for IPERS employers.  
05/27/15 | Correction: Summer employer training will take place in Webster City and Sergeant Bluff, instead of Algona and Sioux City. The emailed issue of The Latest Word gave the incorrect cities. We apologize for the error.  
05/21/15 | An updated Vested Members: Protection Occupation booklet has been published.  
05/18/15 | Employers may now register for the Annual Update training.  
05/08/15 | The Investment Board will meet May 13.  
05/07/15 | IPERS is the proud recipient of the prestigious Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting from the GFOA (Government Finance Officers Association)for our fiscal year 2014 financial report. This is the 22nd consecutive year IPERS has received this award, and it is even more meaningful in this first year of implementation of GASB Statement No. 67. It is the highest form of recognition in the area of governmental accounting and financial reporting. This certificate shows our efforts to go beyond the minimum requirements of GAAP principles to prepare our CAFR in the spirit of transparency and full disclosure. It’s an important distinction that reflects IPERS’ commitment to our stakeholders to provide excellence in financial reporting.  
05/07/15 | IPERS has posted an RFQ for building maintenance and cleaning services.  
04/28/15 | Updated booklets for Welcome to IPERS: Sheriffs and Deputy Sheriffs, Welcome to IPERS: Protection Occupation and Vested Members: Sheriffs and Deputy Sheriffs and Vested Regular Members, have been published.  
04/27/15 | An updated IPERS and Military Service booklet has been published.  
04/16/15 | The BAC meeting scheduled for April 27 is canceled.  
04/02/15 | Employers complying with GASB 68: Additional details have been posted in the newly released GASB 68 Q&A.  
02/05/15 | IPERS is notifying organizations that the Benefits Advisory Committee is currently accepting membership petitions. All petitions must be on file by May 31.