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  • Find out who your designated beneficiary is.
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If you aren’t retired yet, you can also:

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  • View a record of your IPERS contributions.
  • Check the amount of your employer's contributions you are entitled to.

If you’ve already retired, My Account allows you to:

  • Look at records of IPERS benefit payments you have received.
  • View a record of your IPERS contributions.

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Click "Home" to go to the main menu.

Use the "I Want To:" dropdown menu to go from one page to another without going to the main menu first.

Adding and Changing Information in My Account

Click the checkbox or the word “change” to indicate you want to add or change information.

Click the checkbox or the word “change” to indicate you want to add or change information.

Type in the new information.

Then click "Save" below the information, or in the bar that appears at the top of the window.

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