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Regardless of your retirement plans or anticipated retirement age, you want a financially secure retirement. IPERS helps provide the security you need through guaranteed benefits. Unlike benefits from other retirement plans, IPERS benefits aren’t tied to the performance of the stock market. With IPERS, you don’t need to make complicated investment decisions for your retirement dreams to become a reality.

Your IPERS benefits are only one part of your overall retirement savings. Your total retirement income will come from a combination of your IPERS benefits, Social Security and personal savings.

Member Handbook
This publication will help you become better acquainted with the features of the IPERS retirement plan. It explains the rights and benefits of IPERS membership in as clear and useful a manner as possible; however, it is not intended to be a complete presentation of the IPERS law and policies.

Please Don’t “Go It Alone.”  Our knowledgeable staff is ready to help you understand features of the IPERS plan and is familiar with the complex laws governing this state-administered pension plan. Contact IPERS if you have questions about the plan.

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