We are aware that some members have received emails from Fed Resource offering retirement planning assistance. IPERS is not affiliated with this group, nor do we endorse whatever services they provide. Contact us with any questions.

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Apply for a Refund

If you leave IPERS-covered employment before retirement, you can apply for a refund, however, consider your alternatives carefully. You may wish to consult with your tax advisor.

You have the following options when deciding what to do with your IPERS account:

Option 1: Leave your money in IPERS until you retire or choose another alternative.

Option 2: Roll your money over to another retirement plan.

Option 3: Take a refund. Sign in to My Account to access an Application for IPERS Refund.

For more information, see the Leaving Covered Employment booklet.

Note: The tax relief offered under the Coronavirus-Related Distribution provision of the CARES Act applied only to distributions made prior to 12/31/2020 and has not been extended for distributions made in 2021. Coronavirus-related tax relief for distributions from a 401(a) pension have not been included in the Consolidated Appropriations Act or in the American Rescue Plan Act. If you have tax-related questions regarding a distribution from a retirement plan, please consult with a tax professional before filing an application for refund.

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