We are aware that some members have received emails from Fed Resource offering retirement planning assistance. IPERS is not affiliated with this group, nor do we endorse whatever services they provide. Contact us with any questions.

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For those who served in the military and may be eligible for free service credits.

Application for IPERS Refund

Weigh your options carefully before taking an IPERS refund. The form is available in My Account and shows you an estimate of your refund amount. 

Application for IPERS Retirement Benefits

Please contact an IPERS retirement counselor to request a copy of this form. The counselor will discuss your options, and provide information specific to you.

For those who served in the military and want to make up IPERS contributions that were not paid while on active duty.

IPERS will send you a service purchase cost estimate or quote after you submit this form.

Allows IPERS to release and discuss specified information from a member’s IPERS account.

You may use this form to designate or change your IPERS beneficiary. Alternatively, you may designate your beneficiary online within My Account. However, married members who wish to designate someone other than a spouse must use the paper form.

EMPLOYERS: Provide this form to public employees and elected officials who are eligible to elect out of IPERS coverage. Not all public employees have this option.

MEMBERS: For some public employees who can opt out of IPERS within the first 60 days of employment.

Update your contact information in My Account, or use this form.

Log in to My Account to see your estimate immediately, or use this form.

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