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Member Education

Educational Opportunities

NOTE: As the incidence of COVID-19 cases in Iowa and around the country increases, IPERS is modifying how we offer retirement counseling and education. Until further notice, IPERS will only offer phone or online counseling. IPERS will no longer offer in-person counseling or workshops.

As an IPERS member, you have a variety of opportunities to meet with IPERS staff to understand your benefits and prepare for retirement. Whether it be a group workshop or an individual counseling session, IPERS is here to help with your retirement security.

IPERS Office Individual Counseling - Recommended for members planning to retire in 3 – 5 years

Creating a Secure Retirement Workshop - A class for IPERS members 3 – 5 years from retirement and their spouses

Ready, Set, Retire - Workshop for State Agency employees 1 – 5 years from retirement

Statewide Individual Counseling - In-person counseling around the state for members who cannot attend sessions in Des Moines

Webinars - Online training for members 1 – 5 years from retirement

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