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Nearing Retirement

Determining the right time to retire is a big decision and might be a difficult one. We want you to make a well-informed decision. IPERS offers many tools and resources that are available to help you plan for your retirement.


  • My Account, Your Retirement Toolkit
    While My Account offers many tools throughout your career, as you near retirement make sure you log in to:
    • Verify or update your contact information to make sure you receive timely information from IPERS 
    • Verify or update your beneficiary information 
    • Generate an estimate of your projected benefits – review your estimate 
  • IPERS Retirement Counseling Sessions
    Members who are within five years of retirement should schedule a session with an IPERS retirement counselor. This will help you understand your options and benefits as you prepare to retire. Before you schedule your appointment, it’s helpful to have a general retirement date in mind.
  • IPERS Educational Workshops
    IPERS offers many educational workshops designed to help members plan a secure retirement. It is beneficial to attend one of these workshops within five years of retirement. You may attend them as often as you’d like and as space allows.
  • Preparing for Your Retirement Booklet 
    This booklet provides a high-level overview of your retirement options and the retirement process. 
  • Retirement Application
    Contact IPERS to request a retirement application. NOTE: If you have previously had a counseling session, you may have already received a copy. Send completed applications to IPERS at least 60 days before you plan to retire. IPERS must review and approve your application before you can receive benefits.
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