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New Members

Congratulations on Becoming an IPERS Member!

Your employment with an IPERS-covered employer means you’ve taken an important step in helping achieve your retirement security. It’s never too early to start thinking about retirement. 

Call IPERS to register for My Account — it's your online access to update your personal information such as your address, learn the value of your IPERS account, see estimates of your future benefits, and more.

Keep in mind that your IPERS benefits are only one part of your overall retirement savings. Your total retirement income will come from a combination of your IPERS benefits, Social Security, personal savings, and any other retirement plan benefits. Check with your employer to see if an additional deferred compensation program is available to you. If not, check with your financial advisor for alternative plans.

Regular Members

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About 95% of all IPERS members are in the Regular membership group. You are a Regular member unless you are a Special Service member or have a hybrid membership as described below.

Special Service Members

Special Service members are those in some type of public safety position. There are two membership groups of Special Service members:

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Sheriffs and deputy sheriffs employed by the county governments.

Protection iconProtection occupations include airport firefighters, airport safety officers, airport security officers, conservation peace officers, county attorney investigators, county jailers, Department of Corrections employees, DOT peace officers, emergency medical services providers, fire prevention inspector peace officers, insurance special investigators, marshals, police officers (full- and part-time), firefighters, parole peace officers, Regents police officers, and psychiatric security specialists.

Hybrid Membership

If you have worked in Regular service and Special Service, you have a hybrid membership in IPERS. Special Service members and those with hybrid membership make up a combined 5% of IPERS’ total membership.

Questions? Call us if you need assistance, or go to our Contact Form to submit your question/feedback online.

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