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Ready, Set, Retire

NOTE: As the incidence of COVID-19 cases in Iowa and around the country increases, IPERS is modifying how we offer retirement counseling and education. Until further notice, IPERS will only offer phone or online counseling and workshops. IPERS will no longer offer in-person counseling or workshops.

For State Employees Within Five Years of Retirement

This workshop is open only to members who work for a State of Iowa agency eligible for the SLIP program. The Sick Leave Insurance Program (SLIP) offers retirement-eligible employees an option for using all or part of their unused sick leave balance to pay the state share of their group health insurance premiums after they retire until they become eligible for Medicare (usually at age 65.)

State employees eligible for the SLIP program are:

  • Executive branch employees except for SPOC-covered employees
  • Community Based Corrections employees (not administered by centralized payroll)

Click here for a list of agencies eligible for SLIP.

This class provides you with a broad range of information you need as you near retirement. Representatives from several retirement-related programs participate, including the Retirement Investors' Club, Social Security, SHIIP (Medicare), IPERS and Continuing Insurance Benefits at Retirement/SLIP. (Presenter participation in each workshop is tentative based on availability.)

Date and Registration

Wednesday, April 14
Thursday, May 6
Thursday, June 10
Thursday, July 8


Livestream begins at 9 a.m.

Class from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.

DeadlineSpace is limited, secure your spot today!

Can't make a Ready, Set, Retire class even though you're ready to retire? Use the following resources to get information without coming to the IPERS office:

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