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Service Purchase

A service purchase allows you to buy service credit in IPERS that you do not already have, which will increase your IPERS benefits. When purchasing service, you make a payment to IPERS to receive additional service credits.

Purchasing IPERS service is done at the time of your retirement. An Application for Service Purchase is required to verify your eligible service and to calculate cost. Your cost is based on actuarial tables as certified by IPERS’ actuary. After you submit the service purchase application, IPERS will check whether you have a retirement application on file. If you are retiring, you will receive an official cost quote and notification of when the quote expires. If you are not retiring yet, IPERS will provide a basic cost estimate to help you plan for a future purchase. 

Additional requirements may apply depending on the type of purchase made. It is important to determine whether the added benefits received from a service purchase outweigh the cost of making it.

For more information, see the publication Purchasing Service.

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