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Iowa State Senate Confirms Donna M. Mueller as IPERS’ CEO

April 12, 2016

Des Moines—Yesterday, the Iowa State Senate confirmed the reappointment of Donna M. Mueller as Chief Executive Officer of the Iowa Public Employees’ Retirement System. Mueller, who has served in this capacity since 2003, was reappointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Iowa Senate for a four-year term.

Donna M. Mueller
Donna M. Mueller

Iowa law requires that the CEO possess high credentials and experience in pension and investment administration. She received her Juris Doctor in law from Washington and Lee University and is also a graduate of the John F. Kennedy School of Government's Program for Senior Executives at Harvard University. The long-term financial health of IPERS is her top goal and has led to improvements to the System's funding and equity to its members. As CEO, she oversees actuarial services, general counsel, internal auditing, and public information, and works closely with the Investment Board, Benefits Advisory Committee, and members of the Iowa Legislature.

“I am pleased to have the support of the Senate, the Governor, and the people of Iowa,” stated Mueller. “IPERS plays an important role in Iowa’s economy, paying out $1.7 billion in retirement benefits annually, with $1.5 billion to Iowans. I will continue to pursue excellence in my leadership role to ensure secure retirement for public employees.”

IPERS is the largest public pension system in Iowa with more than 340,000 members. Over 111,000 retirees and their beneficiaries receive IPERS retirement benefits. IPERS is a prefunded system—contributions from employees and employers are pooled and invested over the member’s career. Membership is mandated by statute. The average IPERS member retires after 22 years of service, earning an annual pension of $16,000.


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