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Ready to Retire? An Overview

Are you one to five years from retirement? Join us for our Ready to Retire Overview webinar. The one-hour, live webinar will cover IPERS' benefit formula, understanding your benefit estimate, purchasing service at retirement, and restrictions with working after retirement.

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Additional InformationBefore an IPERS webinar, log on to My Account, or call IPERS, to generate your benefit estimate so you can follow along with your personal information.

Pre-Recorded Webinars

Ready to Retire? An Overview


Service Purchase05/01/2017

DAS Webinars (for state employees only)

These webinars are provided by the Department of Administrative Services, and provide similar information as that given during our state employee workshop, Ready, Set, Retire.

  • RIC Deferred Compensation Basics
  • RIC Deferred Compensation Distributions
  • Continuing Insurance Benefits at Retirement

Scheduled, live webinars | Previously recorded webinars

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