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As a member of IPERS, it’s important for you to stay informed about your retirement plan throughout your career. Here’s what’s offered from this page.

My Account. Register for 24/7 access to information on your own IPERS membership and benefits. See your current beneficiary designation, personalized benefit and refund estimates, and records of your contributions. You can also keep easily update your contact information here. It's free, easy, and secure.

Benefit Information. Learn about being a contributing member, becoming vested, purchasing service, serving in the military, how divorce may affect your future benefits, retiring because of disability, retirement planning, and finally, beginning your retirement.

Retirement Calculators. Use our online calculators to estimate your IPERS benefits and plan your financial future.

Member Handbook. Read this detailed summary of the IPERS plan to get the fine points about rights and benefits of IPERS membership.

Forms. Access the forms you’ll need to make necessary changes.

Publications. Keep up to date on the IPERS plan and other news that may affect your retirement planning.

Training & Retirement Planning. Learn more by watching and listening to prerecorded IPERS webinars or attending an IPERS' seminar.


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