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  IOWA Public Employees' Retirement System

Recent News

04/16/14 | You may have heard about a new bug called “Heartbleed” that has infected many websites across the country. Rest assured that the IPERS system and online services have been tested and are NOT vulnerable; therefore, changing your IPERS password is not required. It is considered best practices for security purposes however, to change your passwords frequently. If you have other sites outside of IPERS that you log in to, contact those organizations to verify if updating your password is necessary.  
04/01/14 | The IPERS Investment Board will meet April 4.  
04/01/14 |
April 2 is National Employee Benefits Day. This year, the focus is on retirement. Start planning yours today!

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03/31/14 | Media release: IPERS’ costs to administer benefits are lowest.  
03/31/14 | If you are close to retirement, make an appointment with IPERS. Openings remain in Red Oak and Clarinda in April. Schedule soon!